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Oncology learned to diagnose nails

Онкологию научились диагностировать по ногтямThe toenails can help you to determine how a smoker has a higher chance of developing lung cancer

Scientists conducted a study in which participated over 800 people.

Experts studied the level of nicotine in the chemical composition of the nails of volunteers. Toenails are known to grow very slowly. Therefore, the influence of Smoking (active and passive) can be easily traced.

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It turned out that the subjects in the nail plates, which revealed the maximum amount of nicotine at greatest risk of lung cancer, namely, 3 times more than people with low levels of nicotine.

Experts claim that the nails can tell doctors about the individual susceptibility of the organism to Smoking. Elevated levels of nicotine were observed also in non-smokers. This can be explained by passive Smoking, said the doctors.

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