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Oncologists told about the benefits of purple potatoes

Онкологи поведали о пользе фиолетового картофеляDoctors told about the invaluable benefits of potatoes “Negro”.

A few people tried purple potatoes in my life and it is in vain, because he has an impressive list of useful properties.

It’s the same everyone’s favorite potato, but a different color and with a higher value for health. Therefore, doctors recommend to look at this variety of potato closer and to include in the diet of meals out of it.

Useful than purple potatoes?

Protection against some types of cancer. Potato “Negro” as it is called in everyday life, has a unique ability to reduce the level of harmful proteins in the digestive tract, which in turn positively affects the work of the digestive tract. American scientists conducted a study where they fed pigs purple potatoes and later found out that the protective function of the intestine increased. Therefore, the researchers decided that the variety of potatoes can act as a preventive measure against colon cancer.

Protection from premature aging. Purple potatoes contain antioxidants – substances that preserve youth of body cells and prevent aging processes.

Protection from viruses and bacteria. It turns out that “Negro” is ascorbic acid that strengthens the immune system and helps immune system to produce new cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses that enter the body from the external environment.

Protection from obesity. Potatoes purple actively affect the process of digestion, speeding up metabolism, due to which one can maintain your normal weight or to lose weight, if body weight is already excessive.

Protection from hypertension and stroke. Doctors say that the enzymes contained in the purple potatoes, clean the vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and also reduces the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Protection against loss of vision. Thanks to color pigments and other substances in the composition of purple potatoes formed a powerful defense of the view.

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