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Oncologists have developed a new cure for cancer

Онкологи разработали новое лекарство от ракаScientists have been able to find a formula of new vaccines.

Oncologists are working to develop drugs that prevent the onset and progression of cancer, successfully tested the new vaccine.

Scientists have found that personalized vaccines can be used for the prevention of cancer. Almost 70% of people who have been vaccinated for 2 years had no recurrence of the disease. Leading oncologists of Austria and Germany argue that a personalized vaccine based on the RNA helped to overcome cancer 8 out of 13 patients.

Due to relevant vaccinations and treatment, the tumor disappeared. The doctors are now planning to enter another stage of tests and check the effectiveness of the vaccine in other types of cancer.

Personalizado, vaccine administered after the disease was detected in a patient. The main objective of vaccination is the prevention of disease, as is commonly believed, and the struggle against it.

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