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On troyeschina in a shootout wounded two people

На Троещине в результате перестрелки ранили двух человек Intruders promptly arrested.

In Kiev on the morning of Wednesday, August 15, the shooting occurred, which police introduced the plan “Interception”. As a result, two people received gunshot wounds.

“The duty of the message received from the service 103 to admit the scene with the shooting of two men: one tangential wound on the left thigh, another in the leg and stomach,” reads the message of Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

According to preliminary information, near one of the capital markets was a fight, followed by firing from unidentified weapons

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, where they found three men with bruises. To establish the circumstances of the fight, the police carry out an inspection, communicate with witnesses and establish the presence of CCTV cameras.

According to witnesses, the attackers fled the scene in a white Mercedes and two silver BMW and Toyota on the foreign registration.

In Kiev, there was weidenplan “Interception” on search of vehicles targeted all police outfits. Law enforcement officers searched for 4 cars, on which malefactors disappeared: BMW sedan, BMW coupe and Toyota Highlander, all cars are grey and Lithuanian registration. Also, wanted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter white.

About 13 hours the attackers were arrested.

“Not far from Hydropark police stopped a white Mercedes van, which the scene fled attackers. The result arrested two people taken to the police Department for establishment of circumstances of incident”, – stated in the message.

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