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On this island still live pirates. Photo

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото The story of Pitcairn has dark origins.

First discovered by Europeans, the piece of land was completely uninhabited: Robert Pitcairn on HMS Swallow bypassed it in 1767 and moved to sailing the wrong coordinates, moving the island, 330 kilometers from its true location. It is here turned strange and dark fate of the rebels, turned the Pitcairn asylum of Vice, thriving to this day.

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But who discovered an island the second time? A group of nine of the most wanted men in the British Empire, the infamous mutineers from the “bounty”. Standing at the head of Lieutenant Christian Fletcher, the one that knocked sailors to land the captain and the loyalists on a small boat, and he cited the “bounty” to a small island.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

There’s no way back

Stepping on Pitcairn (the perfect hideout, due to incorrect coordinates in the sailing directions) pirates and mutineers burned the ship. With tears in their eyes they watched the death of a “bounty” is lowered to the ocean floor. The only solution is to flood the ship belonged to Fletcher: new captain knew that the rebels when they return to their homes waiting for only one destiny: dancing with Molly Weeden, at that time called the gallows. The wreck was discovered by a team of National Geographic in 1957, and today it rests at the bottom of bounty Bay.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Taitskie hostages

But before Fletcher associates have picked up a few Tahitians: 6 men, 11 women and 1 girl were to become the Foundation of the future colony. This small group successfully developed and grew until 1808, when the island was stumbled upon by English privateers, in live remained only one rebel — John Adams.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Brutal manners

Despite the fact that the island was a real Paradise on earth (fertile land and abundance of food, the almost complete absence of predators) in the group of rebels was chaos. Excessive alcohol use led to a series of murders. For several years has killed nearly half of the rebels and men laitance.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Biblical laws

John Adams tried to restore peace and order on the island through the old ship’s Bible. Unfortunately, drunken British was not the case until a law of God. By 1794, all six of the Tahitian people received a residence permit in half-meter pits, the surviving rebels had learned to distill alcohol and began to terrorize the neighboring Islands. Several women tried to escape from Pitcairn on a homemade boat, but failed.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Forgiveness Of The Crown

By 1800, Adams was the only man on the island. He tried his best to raise 19 children, which was not so easy with a harem of 9 women. But peace was finally restored when the island came across an American ship. In the end, for the successful maintenance of even a small, but still a colony, Adams received a full pardon from the Crown — that was simply unheard of at that time, when any attempts of rebellion on the sea of course was punishable by death.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

The sinister reputation

By 1937, the population of Pitcairn island reached the bar of 233 people. Today here lives only about fifty people, which makes the island is the smallest colony in the world. For many countries, many artifacts raised from the “bounty” was sold by islanders as Souvenirs, but even the influx of tourists is not washed away from the island of the sinister shroud of the rebellion.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Rebellious manners

But that’s not the end of the story. Apparently, there is something from the rebellious genes in the blood of the modern inhabitants of Pitcairn. In 2004, it was revealed that almost half of the men of the island (including the mayor) for many years he molested young girls. All were sent to a special prison built on the island by the British government. By 2010, men were released and started all over again.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

Children’s quarantine

Today, any child under 16 years of age must obtain a special application for a visit to the island. The descendants of the rebels turned the Pitcairn in dark place, with a potentially endangered population and the group who was imprisoned for child molestation of men.

На этом острове до сих пор живут пираты. Фото

The right to emigration

At the same time, become a citizen of the island very difficult. The latter-day immigrant needs to have a balance of not less than 30,000 dollars and have to build a house is not cheaper than $ 140,000. The average annual value of life on the island is 24 000 dollars is a large price to pay to join the story pirates and rebels.

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