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On the surface of Mars spotted an unusual object

На поверхности Марса разглядели необычный объект The finding resembles the head of a Roman statue.

Another “antique” find virtual archaeologists made on the surface of the red planet. Famous Taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring considered the image captured by the NASA Rover “Curiosity”, and surprisingly (for us) we noticed on one of them the anomaly.

Among the Martian rocks revealed a strange object that looks suspiciously like the head of some ancient Roman statue. The researcher is convinced that this is a artifact of an alien civilization, lying there many centuries or even millennia.

Skeptics and they acknowledge that if it parabolicheskie illusion, it is very impressive. On Rover pictures can be clearly seen of the helmet, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, mustache, beard and hair of the alleged fragment of ancient sculpture.

Someone will say it looks too good to be true, however, according to the Taiwanese, he was not at all surprised with his discovery. On Mars, they say, are scattered a great number of such artifacts. How many of them discovered on photographs sent to us by the Rover, it is difficult to even count! Is that no one convinces us that the Red planet was once habitable? Maybe inhabited?..

Scott also fully confident that the American national space Agency specially discolor the Martian pictures, and makes plain to greatly complicate the enthusiasts like him in search of the artifacts. So NASA is trying to discredit researchers who manage to find on a distant planet something there, according to Orthodox scholars, is not and can never could.

Great tactic, isn’t it, chuckles Taiwanese researcher? And then he adds: however, NASA officials do not take into account the important thing is that all the secret that attracts people with even greater force. Maybe they do it on purpose?..

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