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On the streets of Yekaterinburg film “Ghost in the shell” advertise with captcha

If phone books have recently been published with the use of captcha, the Terminator never would have found Sarah Connor. All because the computer is unable to read the text written in a special way. This is the easiest way to check: who’s the man and who is a robot killer or a spam bot with porn site. In General, such a test of belonging to the human race. However, Skynet does not sleep, machine evolyutsioniruet, and not for each captcha once calculates the cyborgs, which are known to have taken over the planet.

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As part of a promotional campaign on the occasion of the release of the blockbuster “Ghost in the shell” (Ghost in the Shell) on the streets of Yekaterinburg part of the posters, and decals were replaced with stylized captcha image. Creativity belongs to the Agency Streetart. That’s how it commented on the action:

Imagine how would look like “for the people”, and what it’s like to suddenly be in the space of ciberamerica where we have introduced the mode of segregation for robots.

Welcome to the Ural world of cyberpunk. It is noted that in these days on city streets not only can you stumble on the captcha (usually on public transport), but also on posters with the three laws of robotics. Old Isaac Asimov would have been pleased.

The Hollywood adaptation of the manga “Ghost in the shell” put Rupert Sanders. Starring starred Scarlett Johansson, Michael pitt, Juliette Binoche and Takeshi Kitano. In domestic, the film will be released on March 30, that is tomorrow. If you’ve just been released from years of captivity and you do not understand what I mean, keep the synopsis:

Cyber-technology has dominated all spheres of life, and the most dangerous criminals shifted to virtual space. The cyborg is a hybrid, standing at the head of an elite police unit on the trail of a powerful hacker.

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