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On the streets of the Dnieper will be unusual trolleybuses

На улицах Днепра появятся необычные троллейбусыSummer will change the pattern of motion “horned” and add a route.

Dnipro are waiting for a transport change: new trolleybuses to the ability to pay fares with a smartphone. So, buy the ticket using Internet banking will be ready in a few days. The pilot project will work in test mode in the tram No. 1. The cars will place QR codes, scanning which it will be possible to pay the fare. Transporters assure that the procedure would take no more than a minute.

“For three weeks we are working with the conductor, explaining all details of such payments and how to recognize the ticket on the screen from a screenshot or photo how long to wait for payment and so on. We will first test the system in trams, and then to offer services to passengers”, — says the head of direction of payments and money transfers Bank Dmitry Kravchenko. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

SINGLE COLOR. In addition, in April, conductors dressed in a new uniform and will be given badges with name and surname. According to the Director KP “Dnieper electric vehicle” by Uladzimir Kobets, the party vests blue already tailor. “We support the branding of the city in blue and white colors, so vests will also be in this color scheme,” says Kobets.

To against Dnipro was comfortable to move around the city fleet plan to upgrade, buy 32 new trolley. Initially, officials had planned to buy fifty “horned”, but the budget did not have enough money. “13 pieces of equipment going on 13-th route, which runs on a housing estate Sail. The purchase of new trolleybuses will allow to reorganize the current transportation network,” says the Director of the Department of transportation of the city Council Igor Makovtsa.

Cherish officials have more ambitious plans, but their implementation needs significant investment. So, 10,3 million UAH required for the electronic dispatching of the electric vehicle, through which the trolleybuses and trams equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi, and at bus stops will appear on the electronic scoreboard. According to Manovtseva plan to equip and dispatch center, which will inform passengers about the breakdowns on the route and time of arrival transport. First, a scoreboard will appear on the main highways and interchange points: the squares Stromectol, Station, near the monument of Glory, on the avenues Yavornytsky, Gagarin, Fields, Slobozhansky, left Bank zhilmassive-3.

NEW SCHEME. The summer will change and some trolleybus routes. So, trolley buses №10 will run from zhilmassive Victory on the Avenue Carpathia to Central railway station. From the community of Falcon across the quay to the monument of Glory will be launching a new route, and the trolley-buses №5 and will run through the Pushkin Avenue to St. Levanevskogo, then — past the railway station through the Avenue Carpathia and Fabre street and then at the Avenue Field with old route. Tram 7-th route will go through Staroposhtovyi area to the station and then along the Avenue Carpathia with the turn on the street.

The townspeople are happy changes, but not all welcomed the initiative. “Want to Park electric has been updated, and that’s why payment via a smartphone, don’t understand, because most passengers were elderly and scan the code in the crowded train would be difficult,” says dnepryanka Alina Verbitskaya.

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