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On the streets of Rio de Janeiro began the “Canine carnival”

На улицах Рио-де-Жанейро начался "Собачий карнавал"This holiday traditionally precedes the main world-famous Brazilian carnival.

The annual “Dog carnival” kicks off in Rio de Janeiro.

For 15 years, pet owners spend in Rio, the so-called “Canine carnival.” Once a year they dress their four-legged friends in colorful costumes, carry them in the baby carriage, while they themselves dress up in costumes dogs.

“We are happy and they are happy because they see how happy we are. I think therein lies the fun of the carnival. We want our Pets involved and not just sitting at home,” — said the owner of the poodle Sarah Simon Gomez.

At the carnival all for dogs. The animals did not suffer from thirst or hunger, there are a lot of Goodies. The organizers of the carnival have even invented a non-alcoholic dog beer. To participate in the parade all the animals and their owners must adhere to one rule — always in costume.

Note that before the main carnival in Rio de Janeiro there are only 3 days. On Friday on the streets of the city will be dogs, and hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to Rio in masks and costumes.

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