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On the streets of American cities traveled “UFO”

По улицам американского города разъезжал «НЛО»“UFO” is not flying.

I wonder what fueled this alien ship? Maybe he’s with the engines on atomic energy? Or human fear? Maybe on regular unleaded gasoline?

We have no details about what you will see in this video, except that it was removed August 5 on highway 65 near Jeffersonville in Indiana, USA. To move the machine too fast, although in the far left lane. You could even say that he was driving slowly, so the casual witness of this cosmic test-drive to be able to consider all the details of the “ship”.

Is everyone supposed to decide what it is, some lunatic decided to build a comic space to the Bank for fun. Isn’t that the best way to cheat trusting of humans, and to quietly recon the area?

But let’s hope these aliens just rogosina the journey, and will soon go further, because angry faces, which can be seen in the dome, “spaceship”, not promise us anything good.

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