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On the shores of Australia found a terrible creature

На берегу Австралии обнаружили жуткое существоOn the shore of the Australian city of Queensland, a local resident found a mysterious sea monster without eyes.

Local resident sherry Simmons found an animal on the shores during a walk with the dog. At first she thought that her finding is part of a petrified tree, but when she looked closer, I realized that this is a creature without eyes.

“When I got closer, I realized that it was some kind of creature. I poked him with a stick, and it was soft to the touch. He had a small fin, but there were no eyes,” said Simmons.

The woman decided that it might be the dugong, however, scientists Queensland did not agree. They suggested that the find may be the liver of a shark, but have not yet proved this is due to the fact that the carcass at the stage of decomposition.

More than once in different parts of the world people found strange enigmatic creatures, but scientists generally have found a scientific explanation.

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