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On the roads of Melitopol spectacular experienced LUAZ. Video

На мелитопольском бездорожье зрелищно испытали ЛуАЗ. Видео The car was produced in 1989.

Jeepers Melitopol constantly traveling to competitions offroad – driving on the road.

The traditional participants of such trips become expensive SUVs. However, the YouTube channel has a video Kolupaiev ride offroad, which along with the Pajero involved car LUAZ.

Lasik, incidentally, is also quite a fast car. It was produced from 1976 to 1992. And for the first time presented at the international motor show in Turin, and its results LUAZ-969М one of the top ten AWD vehicles in Europe!

Since 1983, except the Soviet Union, the model was exported by the firm Mortarelli in the countries of Western Europe, particularly in Italy. As 1989 rolled off 126 893 car

In our days the car is used mainly in rural areas. And as goes, see for yourself.

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