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On the roads of Kiev “spotted” unique car

На дорогах Киева "засекли" уникальный автомобильOn the roads of the capital travels unusual “Tavria”.

ZAZ-1306 is a pickup with a double row of 4-seater cabin, and made Scientific-technical center “ZAZ Vehicles”.

What are the only cars you will not see today on the streets of Kiev. Especially nice when caught not foreign limousines and sports cars and rare models of domestic automotive industry. One of them – ZAZ-1106 Pick-Up. The machine has an unusual for this, a compact-class body type pickup truck double cab.

In the late 90s the car was manufactured not himself Zaporizhia automobile building plant, Scientific-technical center “ZAZ Vehicles”. The latter specialized in the production of various new variants of the popular “brand”: machine tippers and three-door station wagon and even a convertible. With regard to the presented truck, the car remained an experimental, made in single copies. But sorry…

На дорогах Киева "засекли" уникальный автомобиль
На дорогах Киева "засекли" уникальный автомобиль

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