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On the road in Mexico filmed a giant bipedal worm

На дороге в Мексике засняли гигантского прямоходящего червя An unknown creature was crossing the road night.

Eric Ivan from the Mexican city of La Paz, Baja California sur, claims to have been a few nights ago to witness the incredible paintings.

According to the young man, he was riding a Bicycle near the hills of Cerro de La Calavera, when the lamp is in its “iron horse” snatched on the road ahead is very surreal sight. The Mexican says that the roadway crossed the large creature that looks like… a worm in human growth!

A mysterious monster, they say, quickly cut segments of his shining body, hastily moving on the road. However, it was not on all fours like a normal worm, and vertically, use my rear end like a foot. Amazed Eric immediately slowed down and managed once to take a picture of the thing on camera phones, before the monster disappeared into the crevices of the rocks on the opposite side of the road.

After returning home, Ivan immediately put the received frame in “Facebook”.

In the caption to the picture of the young man stressed that he had observed in La Paz the mysterious phenomenon, riding here at night on the bike. For example, one day, he beheld in the sky strange lights, and another time I heard a frightening inhuman cry coming from the dark woods.

However, now on the page of Erica will not find a photo of the worm-giant, and accompanied him information. Whether the man removed the material from “Facebook” (if so, I wonder why), or put up privacy settings, limiting the circle of persons with access to post. According to critics, the Mexican was afraid that his lies too quickly and spread widely on the Internet, and hastened to remove his hoax. Skeptics believe that this is a just a piece of dirt or dust on the camera lens, and Ivan then just wrote the whole story about the mysterious cryptid.

However, other users of the world wide web wholeheartedly believe in the truthfulness of the words of Mexican. Some residents of La Paz write that recently there have been heavy rains, and this could induce the mysterious creation out of the sea. As you can see in the photo, the road just runs right near the water.

By the way, among the believers in such miracles many of those who once in my life encountered something like that – our world is not so simple and obvious, as we are taught in school since childhood…

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