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On the moon found a giant hidden crater

На Луне нашли гигантские скрытые кратерыAmerican scientists have discovered a series of underground craters on the moon.

Scientists have discovered hidden from the outside world giant craters on the moon.

The discovery was made by American scientists from Purdue University. Boats discovered seriously alarmed scientists. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The craters were discovered through gravitational mapping. It is through this method scientists were able to “enlighten” the surface of the moon. According to scientists, some craters can reach up to 200 km in diameter.

The researchers also say that before it was impossible to detect these craters due to the layer of magma and lava, with which they were covered due to the time that has passed. Scientists believe that these craters could be formed due to the collision of the moon with an asteroid, however, this version is still not confirmed and is not official.

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