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On the moon discovered the wreckage of a UFO

На Луне обнаружены обломки НЛО On the reverse side of the moon are fragments of the UFO.

This statement was made by the UFO after studying images taken of the spacecraft “Apollo-11”.

Experts, researching pictures of the back side of the moon noticed a strange flat object close to the famous crater Daedalus.

Ufologists have decided that it’s part of a spaceship aliens. Researchers believe that this is only a small piece of a UFO, and the rest can be found under the lunar soil, as the alien ship sank into him.

Skeptics do not agree with this point of view. They believe that they have discovered a UFO spaceship – it’s just a moon stone fancy shape. According to scientific publications, the crater Daedalus is one of the known objects of the moon, its diameter is about one hundred kilometers and a depth of almost a mile.

The location of the crater is best for the construction of long-wave telescope, because it does not get interference from the Ground.

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