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On the Maidan there was a skirmish between “Azov” and the participants of the rally

На Майдане произошла стычка между "Азовом" и участниками митингаOn Independence square, about 200 people gathered at the rally “Coffee on Khreschatik”.

Between the participants and soldiers of the “Azov” clashed, cost about the victims.

In the center of Kiev activists gathered for the “Coffee on the Khreshchatyk”, which aims “to portray a different reality”.

“The essence of the campaign is to gather with friends, a Cup of coffee. That’s the whole point of this action. There is a part of the military, which was more familiar with 2014-2015, but they are in their city. Therefore, it is difficult. We should meet more often” — said the adviser of the President of Ukraine Yury Biryukov

Between the fighters of “Azov” and other military on Independence square had a dispute with the adviser of the President Yury Biryukov. In particular, the military demanded that he refute the information that Mariupol was liberated by the soldiers of 72 brigade, not “Azov”.

One of the participants of the action “Coffee on Khreschatik” during the dispute pushed the fighter of “Azov” — a fight ensued. Biryukova took him aside and he disappeared.

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