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On the jigs you need to take care in advance!

The beginning of each winter season, it makes sense to begin not with the sample is thin and unreliable ice, and audit tools.
Over the summer, forgotten, on a rod which is wound the fishing line as it is “old”, what kind of bait blunt hook, and what is or redo it or throw it away.

Baits as well as fishing rods and fishing line, it makes sense to sort out to compensate last year’s losses and to bring it into working condition. As practice shows, the close of the season one or another of fishing, usually accompanied by a very dismissive attitude to the rigging. The rod quickly and are Packed with boxes and drawers are cleaned before next season. Suggest before you go out on the ice, prepare one or two tackles, and to conduct a full audit. There are several reasons and they are all important.

During the summer all the nodes in the rigging weak and need to bandage again. Along the way, solved several problems. Visually you can assess how injured the fishing line around the jig. Almost always need to cut two dozen centimeters. Taking the lure in the hand, you need to check how far the hook has retained its sharpness. You need to check not only those baits that you caught last season, but those that waited for their turn in reserve. To the foam or the foam in the box with the baits could get water, and it may be that on some jigs hooks rusted, as can be seen under a magnifying glass.

The sharpness of the hook, you can restore or fine needle file, or velvet bar, or work surface of a matchbox. To sharpen a hook just on the inside of the bend. It may be that the hook can not be already sharpened to the desired sharpness. In this case there are two options: to throw the jig, or replace the hook. Change can only hook on the jigs tungsten alloy or a tungsten electrode, but only if you have a specific skill. Overheating of the body of the jig leads to the fact that the plating peels off and remains the primary processing, which in home to make anything worthwhile it is not possible. Practice shows that even those anglers that have experience, not rebuild. Easier, safer and cheaper to buy a replacement.

In the process of the audit almost always identifies the jig, which last season did not use. Such products have a tendency over the years to accumulate quite a substantial collection. What to do with them, depends on the angler. They can be set aside and gradually build up a collection, you can throw away, you can give. I throw away, so you do not hear the possible reproach.

In the process of auditing of jigs along the way, there is a revision, not only fishing line, but nods. Usually the rejection of several workers in the last season of nods for the reason that torn hole for fishing line or a fracture plate. Almost always in the process of inspection of the gear revealed that there is a mismatch between some of the jigs and nods. Therefore, the task to replenish the necessary jigs is added concern about the new nods.

To compensate for the loss of any lures not only mormyshek, in several ways. Some anglers tend to buy, make or modify lures to create the range “on all occasions”. This way leads to creating a good collection that gives the angler some confidence in their readiness for the season. The fact that a large part of the stock will lie in the storeroom, not very concerned, except maybe the financial side of the question. Worse than the other. The angler begins to think not about finding fish and setting up tackle, fishing technique, and the selection of efficient jig. A small digression.

Imagine a standard situation, when pronounced “penny” sitting a few dozen anglers and methodically catch perch. If you go and watch from the side, it turns out that almost the same gear they have. There are very similar, but differs in the thickness of the twine, setting nod, beads on the hooks of jigs, color of jigs. While catching almost everything, but clearly more successful fishing the best customized gear and worked out to automatism technique of fishing. When this is caught they are different in shape and color of jig. The important conclusion regarding the supply of jigs.

Should I bring those jigs that are needed for the particular fishing conditions and not to create reserves for all occasions. What is the point to buy a lure designed for fishing with depths of 15-20 meters, if you never catch on reservoirs with a depth greater than five?

When the angler knows exactly what bodies of water it will catch this winter, about making up for the lost supply of lures becomes specific and targeted searches. It is the search, because, despite the fact that the jig is formally in all stores, to find the necessary is very difficult.

The task of acquiring the necessary jigs every year it becomes more difficult, especially for beginners. The reason is obvious and simple and is that really high quality products are hard to find. All good things are obviously more expensive, but their number is limited. That is, if you do not attend to the tackle before the season, then the season will make it very difficult.

Novice anglers will try to give some simple recommendations. Don’t listen to what you say that you are unfamiliar with the sellers, who are often themselves not very versed in the product. Do not trust the labels. It often happens that jigs out of lead, plated with give for tungsten. You should not assume that the jig tungsten is better than lead. You need to have in the Arsenal, and those and others. Lead are more suitable for fishing on smooth game with bait or without it. Tungsten is used in cases where the small bait for that depth, or when you need a game with a maximum frequency of oscillation. This advice is very General and it is for novice anglers.

When choosing mormyshkas first rate hook. It is preferable if the hook is thin and very sharp. The hooks of the adjacent jigs of the same shape and size should be soldered at the same depth, that is, the jig must be twins. Not allowed to tip the hook was bent inward. Better if bent at 10-15 degrees out.

In the second stage, choose for themselves the form of a body mormyshki, which you like. The choice to do only a few options: bullet-ball, drop, osinka or “Ural”. These traditional forms have to add another “ant”. Products with a complex shape, with pendants, beads, along with the correct square or diamond-shaped form are not created for fishing, and for the range on display. Some lures with beads and pendants created for fishing without extra nozzles or bait on the hook, but good lures for this fishing in sale a really little. Each bait needs careful fine-tuning, so its cost increases slightly. A novice fisherman is not able to estimate how well made a baitless jig, so to start with they are not worth it.

The next step is to inspect the quality of holes for the fishing line. The easiest way to do this for lures in which the hook with a ring soldered on the body of the jig. The main thing here is that the ring was completely closed and could not see the slightest gap. Into the gap hits the fishing line and in the most inopportune moment the fish is in the hole takes the bait. Again you will need a magnifying glass.

Lead jig with a hole for a scaffold to be considered makes no sense. If the hole is covered with paint, it is easily opened with a fine needle or wire. Very convenient for this purpose, the dental needle. Tungsten products more difficult.

If the jig is made of an electrode with a slit for the hook, which is evident upon closer examination of the lure, the hole for the fishing line should be noticeably smaller than the width of the cut. In this case, you can be almost sure, that the line will not be in contact with the edge of the cut. If the hole made for a scaffold in a body of tungsten alloy, is very important treatment of the entrance and exit holes with a countersink.

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