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On the inhabitants of Kiev fall melting icicles

На жителей Киева падают тающие сосулькиDecember 24 due to temperature changes and increased wind speed, from the roofs of houses it starts to snow, frost and icicles.

Experts advise:

pay attention to whether there is ice and snow on the roofs of houses, and bypass these seats by party;
not under the installed fencing;
to keep a distance of 3-5 meters from buildings and structures;
you should be careful while walking in the Park, especially with children. The trees accumulated a lot of snow. The white lump may suddenly fall on passers-by;
one should not Park the cars near the houses;
if driving to the car you heard a strange noise from above, in no case do not stop, do not lift your head and consider what is happening is the snow can fall from the roof;
to escape from the building from which the snow falls — it is impossible. You need to hug the wall, the peak of the roof will be your shelter.

In emergency situations and in case of injury, immediately contact emergency numbers 101 or 103.

We will remind, on December 24 in Kiev expected strong gusts of wind. Level reaches up to 15-20 meters per second.

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