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On the edge of the Solar system dwarf planet discovered

На краю Солнечной системы обнаружена карликовая планетаAstronomers have discovered a distant asteroid.

With a telescope in the Atacama desert, scientists found a large asteroid beyond the orbit of Pluto.

According to preliminary data, DeeDee asteroid completes one revolution around the Sun over 1100 years. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to astronomers, the size of DeeDee approximately two-thirds the size of the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest representative of the so-called asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. The object has sufficient mass to be spherical. Thus, Keshia meets the criteria for being called a dwarf planet, although officially the status of the celestial body have not yet.

“The region far beyond Pluto’s surprisingly rich planetary bodies. Some of them are quite small but others have a sufficient size in order to compete with Pluto,” said lead researcher David Gerds from the University of Michigan.

The light from the Earth to DeeDee goes more than 12 hours. From the Sun, the asteroid is at a distance of about 137 billion kilometers or about 92 astronomical units.

“We calculated that in this object are terribly cold – about 30 degrees Kelvin, only slightly above absolute zero”, – said Cards.

Opening DeeDee confirms that modern technology is finally able to detect very distant and slowly moving objects on the edges of our Solar system. Perhaps with the help of these technologies will be able to locate the hypothetical “Planet Nine”.

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