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On the Dnieper, the man fell through the ice and died

На Днепре мужчина провалился под лед и погибThe incident occurred at a distance of about half a meter from the shore.

In Cherkassy on the Dnieper river drowned fisherman.

It is known that a fisherman fell through the ice in the area of the first pier, a distance of about 30-40 meters from the shore. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The man called for help. Many of the fishermen who witnessed the incident wanted to help the man. But due to the large number of gullies and cracks to get to the fisherman is simply not possible.

After several failed attempts to rescue the man, the fishermen went for rescue. But time spent in vain, has played a cruel joke.

Rescuers took out 56-year-old man from the water, tried to bring the victim to life, but to return the man to life failed.

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