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On the British city filmed bright UFO. Video

Над британским городом засняли яркий НЛО. Видео A strange object in the sky was glowing while driving.

In the sky over a British city recorded a bright object, after which rumors of the landing of the humanoids.

The videos demonstrate the appearance of a luminous object in the shape of a Hoop over Newport in Wales. Anomalous halo faded, then shone again terribly. Also in the video there are two lights, which were located very close to each other.

Mysterious footage was published on the Youtube channel Disclose in the proof of the next occurrence of the aliens on the planet. Netizens came to the conclusion that this is the best video about an unidentified flying object.

Commentators believe that the witnesses did not get to the camera, if you have not noticed something strange. However, there were skeptics who took what they saw for an ordinary Chinese lantern.

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