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On the bottom. What to do with the Ukrainian economy?

На дне. Что делать с экономикой Украины?

The reality is that Ukraine now urgently needs a new economic model. Otherwise, very soon it will not be simple. What is now called the economic model of this recycling program of the country itself in the medium term. If this “model” will be implemented and further, that in 10-15 years we will have to circumvent the African “tigers”, and then sredneahtubinskogo the country’s level of development.

Eventually, in 20-30 years, last went abroad the Ukrainians should just turn the lights off and, imitating the Communists, 1919, to write on the door – “Ukraine is closed, all went to work”. Or pass the keys to the new more prudent, the owner, as such land can’t be empty by definition.

It’s a joke, of course, but… in every joke there is a grain of bitter truth. Especially in this one. For the second year in a row the Ukrainian business realizes the full extent of what ass put him on course for the EU, but to do it nothing can. Woke up late, guys. Before I had to think about when you are together with all the galloping on the Maidan, or sponsored this anti-Ukrainian, as shown by its consequences, the American event.

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Today entire industries are experiencing staff shortages, and an Exodus of the best personnel to talk about the growth of labor productivity in the future is just silly. Meanwhile, this is the only way to compensate for the increase “gaymanova” salaries that it simultaneously undermined the competitiveness of domestic industry and did not cause in the future new sharp collapse of the hryvnia, and then we all go back to trying to reach the level of 2013.

By the way, even if you believe the official statistics, the Ukrainian economy has still not recovered, not only from the crisis in 2014, but the crisis of 2008. And the more we are far from the level of 1991. Especially if considered in the correct numbers. That is, we must realize and accept the fact that all these 30 years of experimentation with the country STILL have not brought her to the level of even 1991. And that’s a fact, but a fact – the most stubborn thing in life. In the meantime, the world has gone far ahead. And go even further, if, as mentioned above, not to find new utopian economic development path.

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And here not to do without attraction of investments – both internal and external. Today business wants to invest in the country, where there is “Patriotic” outrage and where you can multiply by zero, any “Patriotic group”, whose chief your company just had to taste. People massively running away and Ukraine has entered the TOP countries on the outcome not only of workers, but millionaires.

I think we must honestly admit why Ukrainians are fleeing the country and begin to solve the problem. And they fled not only because of the lower than in Europe salaries, but because finally lost faith in its future, and fear for their own safety. You can talk and write about the patriotism of the people, but “voting with their feet” he says it is better than any propaganda. And not deciding issues of personal security of citizens and security of doing business, moving on is impossible.


How to deal with it the President? Necessary to clean the country from snickering officials, lobbying only their interests in Parliament. Someone needs to clear the Augean stables of Ukrainian, to somehow save the struggling economy.

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