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On the bottom of the lake found an ancient Church

На дне озера нашли древнюю церковьIn this region many centuries ago stood the ancient city.

At the bottom of the Turkish Iznik lake, scientists have found a Church built about 390 BC in honor of St. Neophytos of Nicaea. On the published images are clearly visible remains of buildings. They are located under water 50 metres from shore.

Archaeologists believe that the building went under water in the earthquake, which occurred in the region in 740, the year. The temple was partially collapsed, and eventually flooded ruins and they were under water.

In place of the lake many centuries ago stood the ancient city of Nicaea. Found the temple to be the place where was held the First Ecumenical Council. Called it 325, the year of the Emperor St. Constantine the Great, says Mustafa Sahin, Professor of archaeology of the University of Uludag in Bursa.

“I did research on Iznik lake since 2006. This remarkable structure was discovered for the first time. When I saw the ruins of which are clearly visible in the waters of the lake, I was amazed,” the scientist said.

He believes that the Church could build on top of the pagan temple of Apollo Greek and Roman sun-God.

Professor Sahin also hopes that with the support of local officials at the place flooded temple will create Turkey’s first underwater archaeological Museum.

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