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On the border with the EU will establish digital “border guards”

На границе с ЕС установят цифровых “пограничников”Interviews with tourists will pursue artificial intelligence.

Tourists and migrants on the border with the EU will soon meet digital “border guards” – November in several countries of the Schengen zone starts test program iBorderCtrl.

The person who wants to cross the border must first complete the registration process online journey. Part of her interview will be with the avatar border guard.

Artificial intelligence will evaluate the emotions that show people during interviews, and to identify fraud.

The machine monitors the non-verbal signals and detects instantaneous changes in the face on nearly 40 indicators, as well as analyzes voice.

While the project is experimental, and full transition to such a system is not talking. Since November, the pilot project will start at several border crossing points in Latvia, Hungary and Greece.

The system decides automatically, and puts a rating on a scale of risk for each individual.

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