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On the border with Crimea will create special items

На границе с Крымом создадут специальные пунктыIn these places you will find all necessary information about the relocation to mainland Ukraine.

The newly appointed representative of the President of Ukraine in are the Crimea Borys Babin plans to create several standing Advisory bureaus, where Crimeans will be able around the clock to seek help and advice when crossing the demarcation line.

“On the boundary line of the Crimea and the Kherson region, there are transmission, one of them on Chongar and two on the Perekop isthmus. Between these points a great distance, about 100 km. So our points should be at least two. There should work it is our people, not some Cossack identity. The work will be the civil servants to carry out my orders, be based on the legislation and orders of the President,” Babin said in an interview with “Commander in chief”.

According to him, now also changes of staffing, which is already approved by the President, approved the post of chief of staff of the permanent mission of the President in Crimea.

“This job required us to run contests, which we will further recruit people in the state. In addition, now we have no one person who knows the Crimean Tatar language and it is a problem that needs to be solved”, — noted the official.

As previously reported, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Gunduz Mammadov estimated the losses incurred by Ukraine as a result of the occupation by the Russian Federation of the Crimea in the amount of 1 trillion 80 billion UAH 352 million.

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