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On the asteroid he found an unusual object

На астероиде обнаружили необычный объект The outline of the asteroid attracted the attention of ufologists.

Two miniature Japanese robot – MINERVA-MINERVA and II1A-II1B – made a successful landing 0.92-km diameter near-earth asteroid Ryugu from the group of Apollo. The unit is in excellent condition and is transmitted from the distant celestial bodies a lot of interesting data, including photos.

Famous Taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring was looking through received mini-Rovers and the footage suddenly found on a random image of something very unusual. While approaching the asteroid, one of the robots took a picture of him from afar, and this was the picture etched a fairly large object, rising significantly above the surface of the Ryuga.

Mysterious discovery is symmetrical enough that it is very suspicious and contrary to the known laws of nature.

According to Waring, a 130-foot object resembles a mask or even the skull of a living being. Many colleagues of the researcher thought this anomaly resembles some kind of futuristic structure.

It remains to hope that the Japanese Rovers explore the subject and will reveal this small secret, and experts of JAXA, unlike NASA, will not be anything to hide from the world.

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