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On Saturday the Ground will close a huge asteroid

В субботу к Земле приблизится огромный астероид The meteorite will fly 3 million miles from Earth.

Scientists are concerned that an asteroid of enormous size moving toward the Earth, and on June 24 he will approach the planet to a deadly distance.

NASA scientists are watching this asteroid since 2010. After its opening it received the name of 441987 (2010 NY65). According to preliminary calculations celestial body as close to the Earth on June 24. There is a high probability that the asteroid will fall to the Ground and then the scale of the disaster will be very large. According to the calculations of Russian astrophysicists, the asteroid is moving at a speed of 46 thousand kilometers per hour. In diameter it is 300 metres away.

According to recent reports, if nothing changes and the asteroid will not move from the calculated path, to the Land of “uninvited guest” approach at 04:37 am Ural time. It will pass by the planet at a distance of 3 million kilometers. The glow of the asteroid will emit a brightness that is comparable to the 17-bezdnoy value.

Scientists can not definitely say how this convergence is risky to people’s lives. Therefore, astrophysicists have noted that the asteroid can be considered “potentially dangerous”.

If you compare it with the Chelyabinsk meteorite, it’s twice the size. Then the fall of a celestial body had tragic consequences. Affected about 1.7 million people. The damage total was estimated at 1 billion rubles. If a celestial giant will fall to the Ground on June 24, the “gifts” this visitor will be far more global than meeting with the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

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