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On satellite images the United States found a secret desert

На спутниковых снимках США нашли засекреченную пустыню The mysterious geographic object is in the state of Nevada.

Conspiracy theorists suddenly discovered that the popular map service “Google Earth” refuses to provide their users with information that is in one of the deserts of the U.S. state of Nevada.

A kind of “dead zone” misses the camera lens orbiters for more than 8 years. And even if hits, but Google, apparently, hard to erase her from all your cards, leaving instead a blank space.

Journalists of the American edition of “Motherboard”, are interested in this history, found that in this place is a secret military training ground. But why ordinary users of the world wide web is forbidden to consider the area from a bird’s flight?

На спутниковых снимках США нашли засекреченную пустыню

The media staff were able to purchase a $ 2,000 real photo base, made by an independent French companion in 2013. The papers suggested “Google” to buy it from them for only a dollar and “paste” in your map to close the gap. However, it turned out that the exclusive rights to the mysterious image cannot belong to anyone other than the authors, that is, the journalists have just rented a photo without the right to use it. Lawyers report that otherwise is coming fine, and the aerial image will be removed.

Of course, many of the frequenters of the Internet decided that all this is no accident. Allegedly, the us military is clearly hiding something at his base in Nevada. Maybe it is here that the USAF shoot down “flying saucers” and are also engaged in experiments on alien technology or even by aliens, what appears here and there information on the Internet?

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