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On racism and aesthetics as tools of manipulation

О расизме и эстетике, как средствах манипуляции

It is no secret that the nationalist and racial doctrines very strongly appeal to the emotions and feelings. One of these feelings – the desire for beauty is inherent in varying degrees to people. And today I would like to talk about it. In the future I plan to write similar articles on other senses, manipulated by chauvinistic propaganda.
I’m not gonna lie, I was an extreme nationalist and racist. What am I? If you are a supporter of such ideas, much more, read this article and think about it. I myself thought the same. But a detailed analysis of the society helped me to understand what’s going on.
I understand that this article may seem unpleasant. It really affects a very sensitive topic. I set a goal to explain how Nazi ideology could appeal to the beauty of what social problems it is and how to explain to people what the real source of these problems. Well, let’s go.

Aesthetics. The desire for beauty and protection
Nationalism builds in the imagination of people quite unpleasant-looking picture. It beautiful white women in droves raped ugly “untermensch” – a hideous caricature of Africans, Mongolians, Jews, Arabs, Caucasians and so on. As a result, such beautiful women in the end are born ugly mulatto, the white race disappears, it’s gone. There is a more narrow category of nationalists, who are interested in, for example, only the Russian nation. They carefully paint a picture of purely Russian women who were raped, in addition to the above, ugly white Europeans. Despite the apparent primitiveness, this is a brief description of one of the most effective mechanisms of racial and nationalist doctrines. Perhaps — it’s probably the most popular area – it appeals to the emotions tied to beauty, desire to protect women and unborn children from external threats. But like other arguments of these ideologies, they are unscientific, and worst of all, divert people from understanding the real problems, and eventually lead these people to make the wrong decision problem. And here’s why.

School biology, 9th grade

To begin with, like beauty gallerires with biology. It is no secret that there are as beautiful people and not so good. So it happened in nature. Just as there are high and low, slender and big boned, healthy and disabled. In every race or nation has people with beautiful appearance, and there are those less fortunate. And when you mix races/Nations can appear completely different descendants. Again, this is quite a subjective opinion, who and how it looks. Personal tastes vary extremely from person to person. Moreover, the genetics people don’T work according to the principle “let us cross, just beautiful people to create a new race of true Aryans”. No and no again. Teach high school biology. Humanity is a pool of a variety of genes, resulting in each generation, genes are shuffled so that people are born with a completely different appearance. For example, the two ugly people children can possess a luxurious appearance and Vice versa. In fact, here the variation occurs by chance and try to bring pedigree with the same people, the “ideal” appearance is IMPOSSIBLE. People will in any case be different from each other. I’m not talking about moral side of the question – I, for example have a very good friend who, it so happened that not very nice. What am I, to deny him love? Or worse come up with? And yet – look first in the mirror, and then the sculpture just above. Similar? If so, congratulations. And if not? And now look at your parents, children, relatives, other half, friends, colleagues at work. Consider the children, how many Aryans will be with you. There are even too lazy to explain, to be honest. And by the way, the standard of appearance will NOT point YOU, AND THOSE WHO are ABOVE YOU. And to determine the belonging to the “right people” will also be them, NOT YOU. Try to think about where you and your family in this case may be. But that’s just for starters. The essence lies not in this.

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About the main problem
Now let’s talk about the root of all evil. It is no secret that representatives of the “minorities” actually have an increased interest in so-called “white” women. He spoke with representatives of the other races, this is the place to be. However, the reason lies not in pathological thirst for the destruction of “true Aryans”. And not that, supposedly, white women are beautiful, no. It’s much easier. Status. That’s the reason. To have a beautiful white girl is like to have an expensive car. Is prestigious. And not necessarily that she was more beautiful neighbor-African-American. No, there is a status of elitism. This fact, incidentally, very competently understand and make fun of themselves African Americans. For example, in the movie “don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking juice in the hood” there is a scene where one of the characters (who is African American), seeing a beautiful African-American woman and standing next to an extremely repulsive white woman, comes to see the latest, simply because she’s white. It all derives from one of the most disgusting sides of capitalist society — everything has a price in terms of money. Accordingly, the appearance too. And if there is demand, there will be a supply. A lot of these white women know their value (literally), finally someone to play with will not. Accordingly, for the representative of the “colored” Nations, the fact of an affair with a white woman – that’s a big achievement. This means that he became wealthy enough to afford such. The arrogance has no limit. With the opposite sex, the situation is similar. What could be better than a rich husband? Rich husband-a foreigner!
Separately want to mention the purely Russian nationalists, who are concerned about the high number of Russian women who go for rich foreigners. Or the fact that the transit of people from Russia, when beautiful young girls leaving to work as a models in Korea, China, Japan and other countries. Here again it is worth Recalling the myth that Russian girls are the prettiest girls, and how their love abroad. Alas, they are not the most beautiful. They are the cheapest. Given the above beautiful women in America/Europe, the provision of such passions will cost a pretty penny. And with the Russian easier – visa/green card there and ready. And now, a balding forty-year-old American bachelor with a beer belly, an electrician, has a young wife, the equivalent of which could afford only the Manager of a large firm. And the reason is the same — the system of capitalist relations in society. It is only about profit and gain, people go for the path of least resistance. The model work more profitable than an accountant in a conventional firm. And no need to study, you will pay for everything. The usual calculation.
An illustrative example – the picture below shows Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy with his wife, crystal Hefner. The age difference between spouses was 60 years old. According to Wikipedia, 27 Sep 2017 Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 years. According to the clauses of the marriage contract, the young wife of the publisher crystal not inherited Hefner, but he bought her a house for 5 million dollars and left all her jewelry. And then somehow doesn’t matter that the couple were the same race, and Hugh in his youth looked very respectable man.

What come with the ideology about the proper appearance?
Of course, in the world are not so categorical and not all corrupt. But if you live in such a society, there is no guarantee that you, your significant other or children will not be faced with a similar choice. And given the statistics, similar situations arise constantly.
And how do you want to feel rich, but in General, the good white guy throws a beautiful girl for a wealthy <insert nationality/race> businessman in age and with ID. Then there will be people who will tell this young man that the problem is in the “guests from the South” is they want to shit “white people”. While remaining silent on old white rich men who similarly buy up all the “most beautiful” in the market (see above).
Then angry young man will begin to be active. And arrive, as usual, the rich (who have race, as mentioned above, can be completely different, the international capital also) and not even inter-ethnic couples who sincerely love each other, and not even the other races/Nations, and all who under a hand will get. In other words, the same simple people, as this is a young man that just want a normal and happy life, no touching. Along the way, we whisper, saying that Communists = Jews who want to destroy the “Aryans”. Or Arabs. Or God knows who. Need to insert, as they say.
And the ideology about the correct appearance and “Aryan” beauty actually allows you to turn people, whatever you like, because ALL people can find the external differences, therefore, it is possible to PIT them together that they each other killed. The picture below is a good example. Like all white, beautiful, everything is great. But look carefully at the fourth girl on the right – brown eyes. And some others too. And blond hair is not at all. Who said it doesn’t matter? Forgot? NOT FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHO IS ARYAN AND WHO IS UNTERMENSCH. YOU WILL DECIDE, EVEN IF ON THE SIDE OF YOUR TWIN BROTHER.

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And do not think that <b>chauvinism may be</b>, only in white. He <b>can be from all races and nationalities</b> and moreover, it is already there in the Bud and actively growing. Now imagine a world in which each country has its own “proper” race, nation and appearance. Presented?

What to victorious Nazi society, it will not eliminate such problems from the word altogether. On the contrary, it will only exacerbate them. As a form of capitalism, Nazism also shared by people on different, including and property strata. Where will the pursuit of status, ID and welfare. The picture below provides a graphic illustration society of victorious Nazism and “Aryan happiness.” Something familiar, don’t you think? But at the same time think of aristocracy Nazi Germany and how they liked to spend time freely.

In order not to fall into the entanglement of different ideologies, it is necessary to build a balanced society completely devoid of racial, ethnic, and status stereotypes. When people will be guided solely by personal taste preferences. When society will not impose any choice. There will be neither elitism nor fashion. The individual will choose, with whom to associate her life. Yes, perhaps some will have hard – on nice cars or passport no one will buy. But here it is necessary to demonstrate personal dignity. Will have the value of the skin color and the appearance of the person. No one forced anyone to anything will not be forced. Your choice – it is only for you. Change only the attitude to this choice – he will not depend on thirst for wealth, and individual choice, not imposed by anyone. And is to people, based exclusively on personal qualities. And Yes, such a society can only be built together, uniting humanity. Your little “Russian Babylon” you can’t build. Or rather build, but it will be what the picture higher. So use your head, analyze the situation and less emotion. People, as if they’re not different, people too. Talk to them, discuss shared problems. Try to understand them. And then you have something, and succeed. Well, what to beauty… One word. SPORT. Good day, comrades.



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