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On Poznyaky will be free electrospray

На Позняках появится бесплатная электрозаправка [b] biggest electrospray will be in Kiev on the street revutskiy.[/b

Construction of the largest electric charging stations on the street revutskiy in Kiev due to the almost complete absence of fueling stations for electric cars in the area Poznyakov.

This is referred to in the article “Charge full: why the biggest free electrospray of Kiev will be on Poznyaki”, published on the website Browser.

According to the journalists, a map of electric charging stations of Kiev shows a large number of fillings in the center, Obolon, Podil and Solomenskiy areas with a minimum number of them in the Darnitsa district of Kiev.

“Poznyaky, one of the most densely populated areas of the capital, should appear the biggest gas station of electric cars in Kiev. A record number of chargers for charging is installed on the street revutskiy. Besides, some power there will be absolutely free,” write the journalists.

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In the article, it says that revutskiy construction company and the locals after a long dialogue came to a consensus that filling with electromontaj on Poznyaky needed.

“On average in the capital, the vehicle goes about 30-50 kilometers. This means that to charge your electric car every day. Fortunately, electricity rates encouraging – ride from the center in the Goloseevsky area will cost 58 cents. And in the case of electrospray in revutskiy – she will be free”, – stated in the material.

The article also cited an example of construction of electric charging stations in Europe and describes the best practices of development of infrastructure.

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“Logically, to fill the car the whole night near the house or while working. So one of the correct options for the construction of ecosuperior to select locations in residential areas of the city or near office centers and supermarkets”, – writes the edition.

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Reporters noted that the infrastructure of electric charging stations in Berlin. Very often in European cities refills for convenience, built close to the homes or stores.

As you know, the first electrospray appeared in Ukraine in 2012 in Kiev. Immediately after that began to appear stations podzapravki electric vehicles in Lviv, Odessa and the Dnieper.

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