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On Pluto found traces of snow and ice

На Плутоне нашли следы снега и льда Experts say that the ice and snow on Pluto different from earth.

Scientists find signs of ice and snow on the surface of the planet Pluto, which were previously seen only on the Ground.

According to the article, published in Nature, researchers conducted a study using the model, which is analogous to determining weather conditions, meteorologists, and computer modeling of the evaporation of ice.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with NASA experts performed a survey, the results of which confirmed the existence of ice Penitentes formed due to erosion and having cachedtable depression with spires around the edges, and on other planets with similar environmental conditions.

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Scientists say that the study of the ridges, which are formed only in the presence of the atmosphere, explains the fact that previously they had not been seen on other moons celestial bodies. However, the exotic differences in environmental conditions involve functions with different scales. The researchers suggest that their study will help to find these features on other objects in the Solar System.

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Experts say that the ice and snow on Pluto different from earth, as this planet, all other conditions, on Pluto, the ice formed from methane and nitrogen, and in the Land of water. It is noted that this study and an interesting result has been obtained through the cooperation of scientists and specialists of NASA.

In addition, a successful investigation was the use of the model, the analogue of which is used by meteorologists for forecasting the weather on Earth.

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