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On Odeschin invented a new way of attracting tourists

На Одесчине придумали новый способ привлечения туристовLavender fields already enjoying great popularity in France.

Soon in the tarutinsky district of the Odessa region will begin to grow lavender. Local authorities intend to create an agrarian cluster “frumusica-Nova”, who will be engaged in planting plants. Valuable culture will not only go for treatment — lavender tourism will be another (and, moreover, very photogenic) “chip” region.

On the basis of agrarian cluster appears research centre with the participation of representatives of major universities of Odessa. The corresponding decree is already signed by the head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

It is worth noting that the decision on planting a lavender field has matured, including because of changes in climatic conditions in the South of Odessa region. Directly on the plan to organize the process of recycling plants.

In the period of flowering lavender fields in Odessa region will be able to visit the tourists.

It is noteworthy that the idea to grow lavender on the territory of the Lyubashevsky region of Odessa region came from French investors in 2016. Public hearing confirmed that the locals approve of the idea and supported the plan of territory. In accordance with the project, the enterprise for processing of essential crops of lavender and sage will be built on the site of the former feed mill and will occupy an area of 1.7 hectare.

By distillation there will be recycled, 2.5 tons of raw material, and extraction method – 3.5 tonnes of concentrate. The investor says that the production cycle is completely harmless, and waste can be used to fertilize the gardens of local residents.

Such objects abroad, too, have become tourist, where you can trace the entire production process, buy made on the spot of perfume or oil.

Lavender fields is another very promising way to attract tourists in the Odessa region. It is known that 80% of the lavender used in the world, grown in the French Provence (the rest — mostly in Bulgaria and even, you will be surprised, in China). Tarutinskiy district also has the potential to turn into little Provence. From July until late August, the hills, planted with herbs, acquire a rich purple color and exude a stunning fragrance.

In addition, lavender is used in pharmacy and cosmetology. The extract of this plant added to lotions, shampoos and Soaps — both factory and handmade. Thus, Odessa will help people not only enjoy the beauty of lavender fields, but also improve your health.

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