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On Neptune and Uranus are unusual rains

На Нептуне и Уране идут необычные дождиHydrocarbons are transformed into carbon crystals.

Scientists conducted laboratory experiments and found evidence that Neptune and Uranus can go diamond rains. On their findings, the researchers reported in the journal Nature Astronomy.

The researchers used material is polystyrene, which consists of hydrogen and carbon – the key components that form Uranus and Neptune. Scientists have been working on material powerful laser, creating two types of shock waves: pretty weak and much stronger and faster. According to scientists, when a big wave overlaps the low, there had to be a diamond formation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the result, it was found that almost every atom of carbon was transformed into diamond with a diameter of several nanometers. The process of formation was held for a few seconds to register it was possible with a laser.

According to researchers, the diamonds on Uranus and Neptune can be much higher, with several carats.

Earlier it was reported that the space telescope “Hubble” found another one, 14-th satellite of the planet Neptune. According to experts, it is about the smallest satellite in the orbit of Neptune, which is about 20 km in diameter and completes one revolution around the planet every 23 hours.

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