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On Mars “spotted” a huge cat mutant

На Марсе "засекли" огромного кота-мутантаUFO spotted on Mars, a six-meter cat-mutant.

To detect the anomaly was possible thanks to the services of the American company Google. In the Network actively discussing the findings, made by researchers of outer space.

Camera captured on Mars is an extraordinary object that has a resemblance to a cat. Dimensions for pet impressive – its length is six meters. In the picture stands out head, legs and tail. Ufologists believe that this is a Martian cat. Users began to actively discuss the statement of researchers. Some really see in the picture animal, other critical attitude to these words.

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Some believe that the camera has got the facility of natural origin, and the resemblance with the cat proves nothing. Ufologists do not agree with the critics and continue to stick to its own line. The American space Agency NASA refrained from commenting on the matter.

На Марсе "засекли" огромного кота-мутанта

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