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On Mars have found new evidence of the existence of alien life

На Марсе нашли новые доказательства существования инопланетной жизниOn Mars, found the bodies of two aliens

The most recent published pictures of NASA probe Curiosity contain evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The scientists saw on the image is not just a space ship, and even the rotting bodies of extraterrestrial beings.

Ufologists found in images of Mars spacecraft and the bodies of two aliens.

Note that photos taken with the probe’s Curiosity Rover and published by NASA. In General, there is nothing special, just Martian rock: rocks, soil, roughness. However, experienced ufologists managed to see in these statues the shape of a flying saucer.

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Nearby are two unusual object that is similar to rotting alien bodies: according to ufologists, it is possible to discern even the outlines of the ribs.

In NASA such statements, as before, do not comment as they are not the first and likely not the last. The first UFO found on Mars, not only the beings but also the analogues of ancient Japanese tombs.

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Look more closely at the mysterious objects will be possible only if the following approximation of the Rover.

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