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On Mars found traces of a powerful flood

На Марсе найдены следы мощнейшего потопаThe formation of the flood contributed to the huge stocks of ice.

The European space Agency published photos of the most powerful traces of the flood on the surface of Mars.

Data were obtained by Mars Express to the North of the canyon system of the Mariner. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientists drew attention to the unusual form of the crater of Worcester, which resembles an island, which was eroded by water flows. Its walls, apparently, was washed with water during a large-scale release of groundwater approximately 3.6 and 3.4 billion years ago. And the release occurred, apparently as a result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Interestingly, the slopes of the crater Worcester with one side eroded more than the other. This suggests that the water rose up the slope. Smaller craters next to this feature is denied.

Education floods contributed to the huge stocks of ice under the surface of the plains of Chryse in other regions of Mars.

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