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On Mars, found life area

На Марсе найдена зона жизниManaged to install the contents in the rocks of the planet.

This discovery was made by American scientists at brown University. As it turned out, the conditions for microorganisms on Mars was quite suitable.

Chemosynthetic organisms get their energy on Mars due to the oxidation of inorganic substances. However, a few billion years ago for unknown reasons, they ceased to exist and since Mars is known as the barren red desert.

Thanks to data obtained from the satellite Mars Odyssey, failed to set the contents in the rocks of the planet thorium and potassium radioactive substances. Moreover, the number of thorium, uranium and potassium together was enough for the formation of water. But the thing that amazed the researchers – potentially habitable territory of several kilometers. Due to the radiolysis in this area would be sufficient water for the habitat of several millions of living organisms. For some reason, now it’s all gone – remains a mystery.

It is worth noting that early famous ufologist Scott Waring mentioned the fact that Mars once had life, but for unknown reasons ceased to exist. However, according to him, it doesn’t mean that the remains who lived on “red planet” creatures cannot be found nowadays.

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