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On Mars found another “element of life”

На Марсе нашли еще один "элемент жизни"Boron is a key part of many protein molecules.

The Curiosity Rover found on the Martian surface boron – essential for the origin of life element that is part of many protein molecules and is vital for the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

On opening the researchers reported at the American geophysical Union in San Francisco. Previously, researchers have managed to recover the key stages of the origin of life on Earth, but they could not solve several puzzles. One of them is that in the oceans of the young Earth was not enough molybdenum and boron. Thus, according to the scientists, one of the sources of these elements could be Mars. But before that, there was no evidence of the existence of boron on the red planet.

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When scientists “fired” one of the stones in the first Parking lot of the ChemCam laser gun, they noticed something unusual in the spectrum of a piece of sedimentary rock contained lines corresponding to the different compounds of boron. It caused them to linger and further explore the unusual stone using drill and other instruments of the Rover. It turned out that the outdoor cobblestone, named Catabola, consists of gypsum, inside which there is a layer of salts of boron therein in a high enough concentration.

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Further, when the Rover continued the ascent to the summit of mount sharp, scientists began to find even more notable deposits of this “elements of life”. According to researchers, they could be formed as a result of drying large amounts of water or interaction of Martian soil and streams of water which passed through them in the past.

In September 2015, NASA experts held a press conference during which he spoke about what he had found evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. Later the Agency was represented animated video that simulates the flow of water on the red planet.

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