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On Mars discovered mysterious hieroglyphs

На Марсе обнаружены таинственные иероглифыThe pictures appeared on the official NASA website

One YouTube user with the nickname Streetcap1 posted a video composed of various photos taken by members of the American space Agency NASA.

The main thing that attracted the public in this video – a mysterious object, strongly reminiscent of a stone capsule which embossed figures.

The images were made using the Mars Rover Opportunity, which currently resides with the mission to Mars and studying its surface. On one of the images can be considered mysterious stone object, which is stamped mysterious signs, and the nature of their appearance looks the most similar to man-made.

The pictures appeared on the official NASA site, because it is not easily consider the numbers 0 and 2, that even the color is lighter than the stone on which they are scratched.

Ufologists have started making their own conspiracy theories as to who is the author of this “message”.
Earlier, one of the pseudo-scientific representatives on YouTube under the name UFOvni2012 drew viewers ‘ attention to the fact that one of the photos taken by Rover Curiosity, captured the wall, which depicts some characters.

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