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On Khortitsa discovered a unique find

На Хортице обнаружена уникальная находкаThe archaeological complex was located under the asphalt, laid in Soviet times.

On the island of Khortytsya archaeologists have discovered a unique property of the bronze age.

As reported on the website of the National reserve “Khortytsya” is the name the complex is located on a high rocky plateau, near the riverbed of the Old Dnieper.

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The find was discovered at a small depth just below the layer of asphalt that was laid in Soviet times. The facility is a complex of stone tabs, of different sizes and shapes. Under them, in the pits, discovered the modelled vessel carcass culture.

According to the preliminary analysis, the complex was built about 3,500 years ago to conduct religious rites.

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На Хортице обнаружена уникальная находка

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