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On iOS and Android came out PUBG Mobile

На iOS и Android вышла PUBG MobileIn contrast to the progenitor, PUBG Mobile free.

In December, Tencent staged the announcement of the two mobile games based on PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. Then they come out only in China. But now one of the games and got to the rest of the globe.

Tencent offers English-speaking audience PUBG Mobile Game: Battlefield from Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, only in the West it is simply called PUBG Mobile. This mobile port is most similar to the original: it’s also running on Unreal Engine 4, games fighting up to 100 people and a whole island with an area of 64 square kilometers. Lots of weapons, upgrades, clothes and modes of transport is also in place.

However, in contrast to the progenitor, PUBG Mobile free. And, curiously, neither iTunes nor Google Play there is no mention of built-in micropayments. In addition, the authors assure that the game operate powerful protective mechanisms that will protect honest gamers from cheaters.

PUBG Mobile is available on iOS and Android. System requirements — iOS 9.0 or later and iPhone 5S (though the developers recommend an iPhone 6). On Android need OS version 5.1.1 or higher and at least two gigabytes of RAM.

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