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On happiness: Chinese lady delayed the flight coin

На счастье: китайская бабушка задержала рейс самолета монеткойPolice have ruled out criminal motives of older women

In China, the flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed because an elderly woman who decided to “happiness” to toss a few coins in a jet engine.

Technicians had to open the motor, completely check it and clean it, and then allow a takeoff.

With 150 passengers on Board, was withdrawn by employees of security service.

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As it became known, 80-year-old woman asked the airline for a wheelchair because he could not move on their own, and in that time, as she was heading to the ramp, accompanied by relatives, airport employees noticed that grandma left in the engine coins.

The pensioner explained his action by the fact that he prayed that the flight went without problems.

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After three and a half hours the engine repair was completed. The flight was delayed more than five hours.

The investigation of this incident has been the police, which, however, has ruled out criminal motives of an elderly woman.

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