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On Earth may be a new continent

На Земле может появиться новый континент Scientists explained that the map of the planet will change

Scientists from Yale University and the Japan Agency for Oceanography geological Sciences and technologies through simulation showed how it will look Earth in 250 million years.

The main conclusions reached by the experts are as follows: North and South America will be much closer to each other, in addition, they will join the Asia, which will be a new supercontinent – Amasya.

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The Caribbean sea and the Arctic ocean would disappear.

Scientists explained that the map of the world change so radically due to movement of tectonic plates of the Earth.

The idea that continents drift was first described by German scientist Alfred Wegener in 1912 when he tried to explain why on Earth these same continents look like the pieces of a scattered mosaic.

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The last continent, which, if you believe the science that existed on Earth, called Pangaea, and it was formed about 300 million years ago. In the center of Pangaea was present Africa. Researchers believe that Pangaea was the third or fourth supercontinent in Earth’s history.

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