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On drones in Russia will hang license plates

Russia has developed a new identification system of drones weighing up to 30 pounds. This category includes all your quadcopters and other megaraptor, so you can start mentally preparing.

The author of the new system was the organization of FSUE “Zaschitainfotrans”. The idea involves giving each drone a unique license plate is like a car, only not in the form of metal plates, of course. Number will be sewn in a special RFID tag, and assume it will be possible at a distance up to 300 meters. This means that if the copter flies where it is impossible, and moreover removes something, its owner will face certain punishment. Check the drones in the new system will be paid, but the size of bribes is not yet defined.

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According to preliminary data, the cost of operation will not exceed 300 rubles taking into account the value of the label. To apply these same labels even planned through a network of mobile devices sales, so the calculation is the rapid introduction of technology. When exactly will earn innovation from FSUE “Zaschitainfotrans”, is still unknown — no one puts a specific time frame. Also not reported, what awaits the owner of the UAV in case of refusal of registration. Recall that there are precedents for knocking down drones when they flew over private or off limits.

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