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On Apple sued for an unusual reason

На компанию Apple подали в суд по необычной причинеThe plaintiff did not like two-factor authentication method

In California, Apple filed a lawsuit in a very unusual reason.

Within the framework of collective action Cupertino giant is accused that its two-factor authentication takes too much time from users. Furthermore, it is constructed in such a way that does not allow you to change the method on a more simple after 14 days.

The plaintiff also points out that Apple is not asking consent from the user to activate two-factor authentication, and after including this method of “forcing unrelated login procedure, which requires the user to remember a password and have access to a trusted device or phone number”.

Apple sued due to the fact that the company cares about user security
The lawsuit says that in some cases, users incur economic losses due to extra time spent on the procedure.

Interestingly, the plaintiff says that the update FOR two-factor authentication appeared in September 2015, although at that time this method was neither in macOS nor iOS. In addition, the document stated that due to the negotiated method, the login procedure can take from two to five minutes, although the actual time required is significantly less.

The plaintiff demands an injunction on the method and payment of fines.

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