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On a snowy road in the United States noticed the camel. Video

На заснеженной дороге в США заметили верблюда. Видео An exotic pet is Einstein.

In the United States are suffering from the snow disaster not only people, but animals, even such exotic as camels. Video with one of mammals, standing on the side of the road in snowy Pennsylvania is now gaining popularity in the network.

As it turned out, due to snow on the road the stopper was formed, which the victim, in particular, and it became heat-loving animal, so he was tied on the side of the road to the car.

According to journalists, the camel, named Einstein, was driving West in the Center for the arts in Pennsylvania, but in this situation, he decided to return back to the zoo.

And pulled the animal into the street the driver of a van did that to Einstein faster noticed the police and was taken to a warm place.

In the end, the camel still drove to his home, yet it’s all right.

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