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On a scale of Calvey

По шкале Калви

So for most of us this event is a pure Chinese. Arrested some American for fraud. This guy we don’t know the name of his company I never heard of. Even after reading Wikipedia still do not understand what a venture capital Fund. In General, in a country where the vast majority live from paycheck to paycheck and has no savings, no investments, all of this bare abstraction. Liberal ignorance tells us that once arrested the American means, this kind of policy. Jingoistic ignorance tells us that once arrested the American, because he must. In fact, history is not simply bad, and downright ugly. No normal economy can not develop without investment. Our economy is dying! Her investment is needed desperately! And she needs the foreign investment, because on one of his stocks you can do nothing. The way of the modern world, not a world where North Korea and Cuba. And this American was just such a foreign investor. The fool truly believed that in native Russia is not just possible, but necessary to invest money. And what’s more — he’s well at it. Peskov said that the arrest of Michael Calvey will not affect the investment climate. But how can the climate impact!

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When just take and put the man with an impeccable reputation, industry leader, served as an example of the former and in some sense even a model. Yes, what a fool now you want to do here something to invest? Even now, no one will invest in projects designed for years. Now is the best time for business-type microcredit or financial pyramids — grabbed, got a hundred percent of the profits and ran, until you were caught. But the most unpleasant that case the Baring is not a policy, it seems to me, anyway. This is an attempt to solve some economic disputes police methods. Such cases in Russia is full! For a relatively small fee prosecutors and judges will draw you anything you want. So it is possible to defeat if you desire to do any business. You can run everything flawlessly, and then there is someone who needs your successful company and who doesn’t want to spend years building your business — a stranger is easier to pick up! A complex story that can be solved is that in arbitration the dispute will be studied by people without any legal education and experience, which have no idea about investments or venture capital funds. Sorry for the unintentional parallel is as his time here as well, in all seriousness Navalny was accused of stealing the forest and through the court tried to establish some mythical fair price for timber. And if so, on click to break even such strong, useful, and politically beneficial for the company as Baring Vostok, means that in Russia there is no sense to do any business. This is not the road to prosperity and success, and the road to prison.

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