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On a 3D printer printed a working Li-ion battery

На 3D-принтере напечатали рабочий литий-ионный аккумуляторThe researchers were able to prototype the bracelet with led and sunglasses with adjustable dimming.

For their study, the researchers chose a simple 3D printer that prints objects using layer-by-layer fused deposition modeling (FDM). The printer can print a polylactide, however, by itself this material has a very low ionic conductivity and is not suitable for the creation of the battery, so engineers had to modify the composition of the material printing.

First the printer prints a layer of conductive graphene filament for 3D printers, which acts as Tokobank. It prints the anode of a mixture of polylactide, graphene and lithium titanate located on top of the chamber for the electrolyte to be printed of pure polylactide and above it is the cathode from a mixture of polylactide, manganate lithium and multi-walled carbon nanotubes. In the last step, the printer prints the second Tocotronic of the metal-polymer composite into a filament.

In order to test the effectiveness of his method, the engineers were printed two of the device prototype. One of them is a ring-shaped bracelet with a curved battery that can power the led for a minute. The second prototype is sunglasses with adjustable transparency. In one of the temples is the battery, and the front is the LCD panel which becomes opaque when current is applied from the battery.

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