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Omeljan told how much money is needed for road repairs

Омелян рассказал, сколько денег нужно на ремонт дорогLast year have repaired thousands of roads.

To the five-year period to restore the normal state of Ukrainian roads, you will need at least 50 billion hryvnia. About this on air of the program “Left coast Sonya Koshkina,” said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

“Last year we have repaired about thousand roads by direct budget funding. This year we count on in times of great length – about 2-2,5 thousand For this purpose we have about 35 billion UAH. 14.2 billion – from the budget and from the national Bank will be another 15 billion, I hope. Plus customs the experiment will continue,” explained Omeljan. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The amount is large, because we have the market completely destroyed. There is no competition, the market is monopolized, working on it only to five companies that can give limited results because their power is also significantly less than before. What are we doing already? Since last year introduced the weight control. This is in order not collapsed and roads have been constructed, and those that exist today. We have introduced a system of control and quality – FIDIC and CoST. FIDIC controls every stage of the work, and in the end the result is accepted only when the road is in good condition – repaired or built. CoST – independent control when in parallel, public and professional experts are tracking how the work is carried out throughout Ukraine. It is not controlled by any government, nobody. We just have the fact: done well or done badly,” he also added.

According to the Omelyan, the merits of a positive result, which is already starting to show the Agency in terms of maintenance of the roadway, he is ready to give “to the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the leaders of the coalition”… “I say sincerely: all the achievements are shared. But destruction is my personal problem, my personal grief,” concluded Omeljan.

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